Typesetting & Proofreading

Accuracy and consistency wins the day

Our internal team of skilled typesetters and proof readers have many years’ experience working with examination providers, marketing teams, mailing and commercial departments. In some instances print work is supplied ready for press; however, in certain sectors where accuracy and version control is paramount, our typesetting services are central to success.

Using best of breed software and workflow we employ various methods and practices to ensure we minimise risks of errors at all stages of the proofing cycle. We have the ability to apply any House Styles you have to maintain your brand image, with consistency of content supported by pre-press integrity of page content and version control.

Perhaps with the reliance on the spell checker for our daily documents, proof reading is seen as an unnecessary or even an unskilled task. In truth, this role is one of the most important in the process particularly when penalties and costs for errors can be high both in terms of financial consequence and brand reputation.

With knowledge gained over years of experience, we can advise clients on clear and essential rules to ensure their final content is accurate, consistent and accessible to all.

If you want to know how we do it, get in touch to arrange a confidential consultation.

Typesetting & Proofreading