Online Assessments

A unique blend of online assessment solutions and paper based exams.

Awarding Organisations can increase productivity, accuracy and transition to online assessment tools at a pace that suits. SCD provides Awarding Organisations with a true one-stop service solution for accurate, efficient exam delivery. From on screen testing to computer based and paper-based exam delivery, we tailor the solution to suit each AO’s particular needs.

Our Online Assessment platform is a cloud-based solution providing you with:

  • Test Authoring and Item Banking; a wide variety of question types are available and displayable in a range of formats to suit your style. You can create custom workflows to match your test development processes
  • Test Delivery; this is accessed via a web portal so no installation is required. Device lockdown is available to remove access to functions other than the test browser
  • On Screen Marking
  • Results and Notifications; Results can be easily delivered to students and we offer both printed and e-certificates
  • Analytics and Reporting; You can analyse data on cohort and question performance
  • Remote Invigilation; Live invigilation or a "Record & Review" option. We work with partners to also provide proctors if required

We can work with you to demonstrate how online assessment solutions can be best used and implemented at a pace to suit you. The system is:

  • Encrypted and has military-grade security
  • Customisable to match your AO branding and styles
  • QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) compatible
  • Can be integrated with CRM platforms, backed up by excellent reliability and redundancy, and is infinitely scalable


Not sure if Online Assessments is right for your organisation or how to start? Get in touch for a confidential consultation.

Online Assessments