On-Screen Marking

On-screen marking is now the main type of marking used in general qualifications. In summer 2012, around two thirds (66%) of all scripts were marked on-screen.

We offer a simple, scalable and straight forward online marking solution which is tailored to your individual requirements. If you are currently using a paper-based marking system and have stayed away from on-screen marking believing it to be complex to implement or possibly outside your budget – think again. We provide a comprehensive and scalable solution, ideal for organisations who want to:

  • Implement change at your own pace
  • Prioritise modules to suit your own particular needs.

Our on-screen marking platform can:

  • Scan and allocate your scripts electronically for marking quickly and efficiently
  • Provide a secure online portal for all users to have an appropriate input in the marking process
  • Automatically mark your Multi-Choice Question responses
  • Capture each markers comments, views and marks directly for each script
  • Troubleshoot bottlenecks in the marking process and resolve quickly.

In a recent Ofqual report, "43% of examiners tell us that fitting marking in around their main job can be 'very' or 'somewhat' challenging". On-screen marking can provide your markers with greater flexibility to mark within their hectic schedule.

  • Markers can typically access scripts for the standardisation process with 28 hours of an exam finishing
  • No more wasting time waiting for the courier to deliver or collect bulky scripts
  • We provide online delivery to a home computer or iPad for marking 'on the move'
  • Examiners can ‘item mark’.

Online delivery of scripts removes the economic and logistical burdens of processing the dispatch of paper scripts on your operations team, allowing them to concentrate on your key stakeholders at a crucial time.

On-Screen Marking