On Screen Marking

Our On Screen Marking solution is ideal for medium sized Awarding Organisations who want to increase the efficiency of their exam marking whilst reducing the potential risks associated with exam delivery. 

Our On Screen Marking software is ideal for Awarding Organisations who want to move away from paper based marking and excel spreadsheets and provide their markers with a more flexible solution. SCD’s online marking tool allows markers to work remotely with complete security.     

Awarding Organisations are moving to on screen marking as it:

  • Reduces admin time, freeing up staff to focus on other projects
  • Improves turnaround times. There is no need to circulate paper scripts to multiple markers and moderators. Markers are able to start marking scripts within 24-48 hours of the exam being sat. Marks and annotations are input direct into the system and captured for all reporting purposes
  • Improves Quality. Online marking is captured in real time so markers can be monitored continuously throughout the marking process. If marking performance drops, outside quality tolerances, the problem can be addressed immediately. Inputting marks direct into the system removes the risk of miscalculation and transcription errors
  • Provides a full audit trail of the marking process; all marks and annotations are captured for each marker or moderator, by question part, by question or by script.
  • Offers a simple, flexible solution compared to paper marking; markers do not have to worry about the receipt, storage and return of marked scripts as everything is delivered to them via a secure web portal using their own device
  • Improves security of materials with personal content; On Screen Marking removes the worry of scripts going missing in transit. Each user has a unique secure login to the system and the system is protected by high security network infrastructure

Why choose SCD’s on screen marking solution?

  • Markers find the tool easy to use
  • Concurrent multiple marking of the same script, whether this is double marking of a single script or markers selected to mark individual questions / items
  • Marker allocations are quick and easy to administer
  • The online marking tool remembers where a marker stopped marking in a previous session
  • Easy feedback to candidates at whatever level of detail you choose to publish
  • Can be part of a fully managed solution incorporating print, logistics, scanning
  • Integrates with Multiple Choice Questions and Single Word Answers which can be auto-marked

Read part 2 of our case study to see how On Screen Marking was delivered as part of an end-to-end solution.


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On Screen Marking