Multi-Choice Questions

Don’t get frustrated with Multi-Choice Question Marking!


Our Multi-Choice Question (MCQ) marking service provides a complete integrated solution.

The steps in the process are as follows (though it is not necessary that you engage us for all steps):

  • Firstly, we design a clear and concise form that is compatible with the auto-scanning and data-capture process.
  • Print the MCQ answer sheets using 1200 dpi printers for quality. These can be personalised and bar-coded if required.
  • Upon receipt of completed MCQs we scan sheets at high speed.
  • Using OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) technology our data-capture software records candidate responses automatically.
  • Quality control is in-built to the process for 100% accuracy.
  • Reporting, statistical analysis and export of data to other systems.

The benefits of the solution are clear:-

  • Accuracy of scanned information – reduces human error and risk of transposition compared to manual marking.
  • Removes the need for double marking.
  • Reduces the turnaround times dramatically for marking and data inputting.
  • Fast processing of forms speeds up time from receipt of answer sheet to results. Get results within 48–72 hours from receipt of forms to provision of data.
  • Data can be presented in different ways to suit the audience – e.g. statistical analysis on how a question is answered, marks and results.
  • By outsourcing it removes the need for scanning investment in-house.


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Multi-Choice Questions