Polywrapping is a fast and efficient way to enclose and mail brochures, catalogues or magazines. It is also cheaper and lighter than an equivalent paper envelope and so will save money when weight is an issue – both in terms of envelope cost and postage.

Our machines are equipped with online inkjet print capability direct on to the address carrier sheets or directly onto polythene, brochures or catalogues and thus provide a quick and low cost personalisation of your mail piece.

Our polywrapping service also allows:

  • A unique batch code to be printed to your catalogue, order or reply document. Addressee and auditing details are printed onto a separate address carrier or onto the polythene film
  • Clear or printed polythene. To enhance the appearance of your mailing, we can print any design you wish onto polythene
  • Add other items into the mail pack such as flyers and special promotional pieces.