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Keen to maintain brand identity and support the global agent network with marketing materials, Firmac Ltd., leading manufacturer of duct forming technology turned to SCD to join their team in providing a bespoke and effective direct marketing campaign.

All cards carried both generic and customised content. Imagery remained consistent whilst the text was produced in six different languages. Tight turnaround with high demands on quality was not a problem for the team. Customer Services Manager, Sarah Philpotts explains, Our processes are designed to ensure that we can turnaround jobs like this quickly and without problems. We received the PDFs on Wednesday and delivered the cards to the customer on Monday afternoon.

Simon Morrell, General Manager at Firmac Ltd. was delighted with the results. This is the first time we have provided our agents with translated, ready to go marketing materials. The print quality and turnaround was great, with the added bonus of SCD mailing the finished cards direct to our agents.