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Over half of emails are deleted within 2 seconds of being opened. What a waste of your time! (Litmus 2013)

People are consuming an increasing amount of email on the move and feel they receive too much email. It’s hardly surprising that open rates are less than a third.


All this begs the question – who are you reaching? Here’s how a letter can have more impact and reach your audience more effectively:

  • A printed letter stays in a household on average 45 days – this means it will be seen more often, by more people and presents more opportunity to be acted upon (Royal Mail)
  • 99.9% of mail in the UK reaches its destination – even if there are errors in the address. Compare this to email, where one small error in the address and the email will fail to be delivered.
  • Finally,  people are tactile. A letter is a physical piece that will engage the senses. Advanced print technologies such as personalisation, colour, fragrancing and clever formats can all help to make a printed piece far more personal and engaging and impactful than an email.