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"Some of the biggest advocates of OSM were initially quite resistant to the idea of technology replacing a paper-based system they’d used for many years." 


Markers tell us the best thing about on screen marking (OSM) is the flexibility they have compared to the rigid processes they have to follow when marking physical papers.

 1. Time saving. Electronic scripts can be available as quickly as 24 hours after an exam is taken, giving more time to the marker team to turn the scripts around. Waiting in for the courier to arrive is no longer an issue and features such as the automated addition of marks not only saves time but avoids miscalculations.

 2. Mobile marking fits into busy schedules. The facility to mark on a variety of OS systems and on multiple devices such as iPads, means it’s much more convenient for markers to mark where and when it suits them, accommodating their busy schedules.

3. Simple, straightforward and efficient. Intuitive systems with drag and drop predetermined comments such as “citation needed” and the facility to add their own comments means annotating is both simple and quick.

4. Multiple markers. On screen marking allows multiple markers to mark at the same time. The process is quick and highly effective.

5. They also like not having physical scripts in their homes, not only because of the space that paper scripts take up but also the worry that they will be damaged or compromised whilst in their care.

6. Secure and accessible. SCD on screen marking is accessed via a web portal, providing markers with secure 24/7/365 access, regardless of location.

Combining paper testing with an OSM system is often the most popular route small to medium sized organisations take, as this fits best with the pace of change they are comfortable with and the budget available. 

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