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SCD receives BPIF Seal of Approval

Secure and Confidential Documents Ltd has achieved the renewal of the BPIF Health & Safety and Environmental Seal of Excellence. Originally gained in 2018, this seal of excellence is awarded to businesses who score a minimum of 80% and pass all mandatory areas. An audit is carried out every two years and the company score must be maintained or improved during this period.

The award was presented by Darren Shepherd the Regional Director for the North to SCD’s Commercial Manager, Maria Conlon and Chris Pratt Production Manager.

Chris explained the importance of achieving the seal. “We are delighted to have achieved the seal for the second time. We continually monitor and seek ways to improve our service, whether this is process improvement, innovation such as on screen marking, or how we interact with our customers.  The seal is a great recognition of the operational improvements we are making and will continue to make to help professional and awarding bodies.”