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The 17the-Assessment Question exhibition took place on 10 & 11 April.  The SCD team attended, giving help and advice to awarding bodies looking for excellence in exam processing.

 The most popular conversations revolved around migration to on screen marking and how to combine this with paper-based testing and multi-choice question paper scanning.

Tim Cammack explains, “This was a great networking event. We spoke to many Awarding Organisations who wanted to know how we apply best practice knowledge of exam delivery to help them improve security, integrity and quality - ultimately enhancing their reputation and delivering a much better service to their candidates.”

The key messages promoted by SCD at the conference were:

  1. On Screen Marking - easy to use and adopt.
  2. Paper based exam document services - Print / Logistics / Scan
  3. Multi-Choice Question form scanning and electronic marking
  4. Question banking and authoring

 10 & 11 April, America Square Conference Centre, City of London