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Below we have outlined the reason why outsourcing print mail production has become so popular - not only can you save money but you can also improve the way you interact with your clients!

1) Cost Saving

Printing and envelope inserting equipment can be costly. They require someone to operate them, someone to manage the consumables and someone to ensure they operate correctly and are maintained. They take up time and space.

If you are currently franking envelopes then this also involves time and labour in processing, as well as the cost of the postage.

Outsourcing removes all of these management requirements and if the batch size is big enough then there are beneficial savings in postage costs.


2) Security

Your work will be 100% completed by a business that has stringent security procedures covering all aspects of data management, personnel control and physical security. Our operation has provided secure and confidential documents for over 25 years and meets the demand of local and national government, educational and financial institutions. 


3) Efficiency

Industrial sized equipment and an industrial approach to your print-mail requirement produces better efficiency and speed of output. 

Your teams can be better focused on the core activities of delivering your organisation objectives.


4) Quality

Professional equipment can help deliver a professional looking mail item. The responsibility for ensuring the right paper stock is used with the right envelopes also passes to the outsourced supplier.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified organisation and have strict quality procedures for making sure your mail items are delivered to specification.


5) Control

When companies are first deciding  whether or not to outsource, the biggest obstacle is often psychological. There's an innate fear of losing control of one of the most important channels of communication the organisation has with customers.

However. the reality is that companies who outsource often find they have more control using an outsource provider than they had when they were doing it themselves. How? Because the controls that are set up with an outsource service must work for many clients and they must work all the time, for all kinds of print and mail jobs, in all circumstances.


6) Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)

The risk of a disaster that could interrupt business is a subject that keeps many executives awake at night. There are many reasons for concern these days. Outsourcing your print and mail to a company that has a DR plan can eliminate many of them.

SCD has a robust tested DR plan to ensure continuity of supply.


7) Space Saving

Printing and envelope inserting equipment take up space, as do franking machines if they are used. Paper and envelopes also need to be warehoused, and to get any kind of price concessions on quantity, you'll likely be storing from six to twelve months of stock.

The hardest question might be, "If the space was devoted to our core competency, how might our business be better?"


8) Technology Cost

Potentially your in-house equipment has seen better days - it may not perform as well or as fast as it could and is possibly coming up for a re-investment decision.

Technological change brings incredible new products, but sometimes taking advantage of those changes means upgrading equipment to which the new technology connects. Unless you're in it for the long haul, you may be better off letting an outsourcer take the investment risk.


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