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"My organisation is too small to benefit from OSM"

Every application is unique and there are many factors to consider in the business justification of our OSM. Understanding the whole script life-cycle from print to scan to marking affects the justification. We have tailored solutions for AOs from a few hundred scripts per session. It’s about bringing the value of the technology at a cost that is acceptable.

In less than 60 minutes you can learn how OSM can help your organisation.

8 Myths of On Screen Marking - Busted! 


Although this research was conducted 5 years ago, the discussion is still very relevant and in our opinion worth reading.

Research to investigate the quality of marking of exams in GCSEs, AS and A levels, and other academic qualifications in England. Items discussed include standardisation of markers (how this is being achieved and how efficiently), monitoring the quality of on screen marking, double marking (is the return enough to justify the investment?).

Ofqual 2014

"I'm not sure OSM improves accuracy"

When marking paper-based scripts, AOs have to wait until the scripts are returned from the markers for review. It is only then that issues may materialise about marking quality. OSM allows an Assessment team to monitor marking in a live environment and address issues mid-stream. In addition, OSM allows for seeding of profile responses to flag marking quality issues. OSM allows for item / question level marking which has been proven to improve reliability of marking by allocating more difficult questions to more experienced markers for better consistency. Item level marking can also help to reduce the “halo effect”  (marking influenced by the quality of answers on other questions on the same script) and potential examiner biases.

In less than 60 minutes you can learn how OSM can help your organisation.

8 Myths of On Screen Marking - Busted! 

Let’s be honest, administering exam marking processes is no walk in the park. It’s complex, it’s time consuming and if anything goes wrong the consequences to an Awarding Organisation’s brand and reputation can be devastating.

Access to real time information is key to success. Knowing where exam scripts are and how marking is progressing is essential. Having the right people on board to administer the process and meet the exacting timetable is fundamental.

 It goes without saying that accuracy and integrity of the scripts is a must, and finally, all of the above has to be wrapped in total security.

 Ok, so we are telling you what you already know, it’s not an easy job. But what if there was a simple solution to all of the above?

 Secure and Confidential Documents has been working with exam administration teams for over 25 years. We’ve developed a business dedicated to producing and processing exam scripts in a totally secure environment and an on screen marking solution ideal for smaller, medium sized organisations. We work with you to ensure that every system works for you. You have real time information at your fingertips, and you’ll know where every exam script is and how marking is progressing. You have a team of experts working alongside you, to extend you administrative team.

What’s more the management information we give you will help you continually improve how you deliver exams to your candidates, improving their exam experience too.

We know you’re busy people, but spare 60 minutes to hear how SCD works with other Awarding Organisations to deliver first class examinations. This may just be the best 60 minutes you spend this month!

“I don’t believe that it will speed up our marking process”

  • OSM allows scripts to be marked from the moment that they have been scanned and assigned to a marker
  • It removes the need to physically transport scripts to and from a marker’s location
  • Multiple markers can work concurrently on a scrips
  • Scripts can be re-assigned instantaneously should a marker need to be re-assigned
  • Marking progress can be monitored in a live environment and allow for corrective action
  • Removes the need for clerical checks of adding up marks

In less than 60 minutes you can learn how OSM can help your organisation.

8 Myths of On Screen Marking - Busted!