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 Secure & Confidential Documents Ltd (SCD) has been awarded the BPIF Business Seal of Excellence for our exceptional efforts in Environmental  Management, HR and Health & Safety. We are one of only four companies across the UK that has been awarded this accolade.

Our speciality is in data management, typesetting, proof reading, digital print and direct mailing for which we work with national exam boards, major commercial clients and professional awarding bodies.

In addition to our awards in Business Excellence, we also hold accreditations for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. Our clients also benefit from our knowledge in environmental improvement with all raw materials being carbon balanced through the World Land Trust.

We’re celebrating six years of Secure and Confidential Documents and we think there’s a lot to be happy about. We have worked hard, winning new business and clients by providing bespoke solutions in data management, typesetting, proof reading and digital print services.. We have widened our breadth of services to include scanning, data-capture and our online platforms to work alongside our printed products.

Looking back to October 2011 when SCD came into being, we had a new name but our people were far from new to the business. Previously working for Pindar Confidential, they had experience, skills and knowledge and were specialists in secure print and data management and many years of experience working in the field of Exams, Professional and Awarding Bodies.

Now, in 2017, we have trebled the number of people working for us but one thing remains constant, our commitment to provide safe, secure and accurate print and document management services to all of our customers.

In 1894 the first British picture card was published in Scarborough. These early cards were mostly scenic views and photographs. With the expansion of the railway network, “England first seaside resort” became much more accessible and affordable and consequently the number of visitors wanting to send a postcard soared.

Scarborough has a history steeped in printing and although times have changes the craft of producing high quality, market specific print continues. In addition to our core markets in secure document management and print, SCD also provides high quality commercial print, including postcards, brochures and marketing materials to a wide variety of customers.

Postcards remain a very effective marketing tool and are used in test and promotional campaigns. Learn how a postcard could work for your business – here are 5 great reasons to send postcards to your customers.


You don’t need to be on holiday to send a postcard. Businesses are reaping the benefits from using this simple but effective piece of communication.


1. Business Postcards are seen by many!

Your message will be seen by many people on its journey. Don’t hide it in an envelope.

2. Cost effective

In addition to not having to pay for an envelope or polywrapping you don’t have the additional work of inserting the contents

3. Offline supports online

One of the best uses for a postcard is to drive people online, to your website or to engage with you on social media. The more times to position your message in front of your recipient the better

4. Forget-me-not

A postcard is a great reference. They get pinned up in a prominent place (especially if they have a great image on them) as a reminder.

5. Testing, testing…

Use a postcard for a test mail. The mailing will test the quality of your list and the results will inform and improve your full campaign, making it much more effective.

Don’t forget that although you can get some good results from single postcard campaigns your results will be greatly improved when integrated into your full marketing campaign.