Secure and Confidential Documents

The Challenge

A major UK banking group with multiple branches and brands within the group have a requirement for a large number of short run forms that are potentially personalised to a branch specific level and have a variety of ordering patterns that can be problematic. Furthermore, branding and changes to Terms and Conditions and other content can be dynamic and pose a problem of small amounts of obsolete stock across a large number of branches which then becomes more of an organisational issue.

The Solution

Our Print on Demand service immediately alleviated the issues of version control, personalisation and stock management.

Orders are placed by branch and are electronically streamed to our custom built job management platform. Work is intelligently consolidated by type and material and bulked for print and finishing during the course of the day, ready for despatch. Upon despatch, the system integrates with our client's SAP system, posting the invoice and integrating with the delivery courier. The system also accommodates the ability to apply branch specific information to the printed materials as well.

The Result

  • Artwork content can change frequently (e.g. branding changes, registered offices, terms and conditions). As such there are no obsolete stock issues
  • Warehousing, stock management and working capital issues are avoided
  • Orders are processed swiftly and efficiently
  • By investing in the automated workflows, administration is kept to a minimum and full audit trail is provided

Disclaimer: As a secure printer we are not at liberty to divulge the names of our clients without authorisation. Please contact us should you need us to ask for authorisation to provide you with the relevant reference.