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The Challenge

Exam papers being sent to this Far Eastern country have to be packaged up to weather all forms of atmospheric conditions. The packages therefore cannot be opened for checking until their final destination. Owing to the fact that the final destination may be in a remote part of the world, the contents must be 100% accurate when shipped as mistakes cannot be rectified by simply photocopying another copy of the exam or a next day delivery. This means the correct paper content, the correct number of papers, to the right destination – right every time. The size of the task encompassed over six million examination papers packed methodically into 38 sea containers for onward distribution in-country.

The Solution

Using our PPMS software solution, we are able to provide a data driven solution to the pick, pack and fulfilment of the exam papers to each examination centre's requirements. Using barcode technology, the process is system driven in order to remove human error from the packing environment. We have developed a system that utilises a standard software platform but is tailored to each individual application to give maximum customisation.

The Results

Candidates can sit exams in the remotest parts of the world knowing their education will not be compromised by a failed examination system.

The Ministry of Education has confidence in the education system without which there could be a major de-stabilising influence in a country and undermine political rule.

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