Cradle-to-Grave Exam Document Solution (Part 2)

Following on from Part 1 of our Case Study.

The Challenge

Our client had been nervous about the impact of introducing significant changes to their marking practices. After all there were some 350 markers to bring on-board. Our approach as always was consultative and we were guided by our client in terms of the pace of change they were comfortable with. It became clear that due to timescales available and marker receptiveness, the solution needed to be clear and concise and that the application had to be intuitive in its use without the need for too much technical training.

The Solution

We delivered the following:-

  • Provision of an online portal to provide our client with full visibility of all the Pick and Pack progress and distribution enabling them to  manage their examination centres effectively
  • Scanning, indexing and archiving of all examination scripts to a secure online portal for online marking. The Markers, Principal Examiners and Staff Administrators have different levels of user privileges dependent on their functions and administration requirements
  • Physical secure storage of scripts for an agreed period
  • Secure on site destruction of scripts after predetermined storage timelines.

The Results

  • Standardisation process was accelerated with scripts available for viewing within 28 hours of the exam finishing
  • Results process was much simpler and more efficient with greater emphasis on quality
  • Re-allocation of scripts to markers is instantaneous
  • Markers and administrators saw huge logistical and administrative benefits

The last script was scanned 14 weeks after the complete cradle-to-grave project had started.

“No more waiting in for the Courier to arrive with heavy packages or having the logistical nightmare of organising returns...”

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