Security and confidentiality is the DNA of the business.

Our customers entrust us to provide a completely secure production service. We specialise in just that – the secure end-to-end production of confidential materials. To provide that reassurance we follow our own “3P” plan to maintain security.


Ventress House is a 60,000 square foot facility that was customised for security document production. This incorporates:

  • 48 CCTV cameras with 90 day storage of recording
  • Key fob access control throughout the site
  • Monitored alarms and intrusion detection 
  • No ground floor windows or opening windows on the upper floor 
  • Re-enforced walls
  • On-site secure shredding of all materials
  • Secure vault area
  • Secure loading bays and delivery area
  • Files can be sent securely to our hosted networks and are encrypted to secure the content
  • Segregated networks with firewall protection
  • Our 'Scarborough Cloud' is hosted from our facility in Scarborough.


SCD is ISO 27001 accredited and regularly audited, recognising our systematic approach to managing confidential or sensitive information. Our systems are regularly tested through Penetration Tests conducted by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor and this serves to evaluate computer and network security by simulating an attack on a computer system or network from external and internal threats. We also have a robust Business Continuity Plan working towards ISO 22301 compliance.


People are the most important aspect of any security organisation. Procedures and physical elements of security can be procured and installed but without the correct security culture and ethos of the people they will always be penetrated. 

All Secure & Confidential Documents employees (whether permanent or temporary) are vetted and must sign confidentiality agreements. Annually, employees must declare whether there are any conflicts of interest relating to the work we do for our secure customers – e.g. whether they or any relatives are sitting examinations in the forthcoming year. We declare any conflicts to our customers and work through appropriate actions to eliminate the risks of breach.

We regularly have security awareness and training sessions for all staff to re-enforce security culture and appraise of current security issues and threats in the market place – e.g. phishing and hacking threats and how to protect.

Finally we don’t forget about those people who visit our facility – they too are made aware when signing in about the secure nature of our site, our restrictions on portable media devices whilst on-site, our right to search policy and they also sign a Confidentiality Agreement to enforce this.