World Land Trust

There is no Plan B

We recognise the need to reduce our impact on the environment and have therefore put environmental management at the heart of our organisation, always looking to reduce energy consumption and waste. Here are some of our initiatives: 

ISO 14001

We have ISO 14001 accreditation for Environmental Management, the international standard which puts environmental management at the heart of our organisation.


The British Print Industry Federation (BPIF) have awarded us their Seal of Excellence for our Environmental Management. SCD are one of only handful of UK print businesses to hold all three BPIF Seals of Excellence - the others disciplines being Human Resources and Helath & Safety.


We avoid unnecessary landfill by recycling 100% of our paper, plastic, cardboard, ink cartridges and toners and waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE initiative). 


Our Carbon Balance Programme allows us to monitor our energy consumption and carbon emissions, then working in partnership with WLT we offset carbon by protecting and restoring carbon-rich wildlife habitats around the world. We also offset the carbon impact on behalf of our customers, providing carbon offset reporting which can help them meet their environmental commitments.


We offer a range of FSC® papers from well-managed forests and recycled products. The FSC® initiative is instrumental in ensuring the wellbeing of forests and ecosystems as well as replacing trees and ensuring the future of the world’s forests.


Did you know that paper is a uniquely renewable and sustainable product? Trees are harvested in a carefully controlled and sustainable way.